Nanoeva, as a center for the nondestructive testing of electronic products, offers enterprises and research institutes - beside services - the development of customized testing devices and training.

The emphasized aim of Nanoeva consists in providing industry with a competent center for development and application of new testing methods, with which new defect types as the transportation phenomenon, re-crystallization, volume modifications, and Kirkendall voids can be resolved. Our customers gain substantial adavantages in competition by the access to most modern testing and analysis equipment. The service offerings are completed by a comprehensive course of seminars and lectures.


The emphasized aim of nanoeva® is the establishment as an international visible competence center in the form of a well-known and approved partner for projects, education & services in industry and research.

Primary field of applications

Development of inspection & analysis techniques as well as sensors & inspection systems in consideration of technological trend...

...3D Integration,

...power electronics,

...solar modules &

...polymer electronics.