Contact Angle Measurement

OCA 20
Physical Surface Characterisation
DataPhysics Instruments

Measurement equipment to determine static and dynamic contact angles and free surface energy of solids as well as surface and interface tension of liquids using:

  • Sessile- & Captive-Drop-Method
  • Pendant Drop Method
  • Captive Bubble Method
  • Multiple dosing tools for cannulae with vertical and horizontal precise adjustment
  • Measurement table, adjustable in three axis
  • Light sensitive measurement objective lens with 6x continiously inner focusing
  • Lightning control with continiously adjustable leght intensity
  • Video measurement system with tubus and CCD video camera with up to 50 measurments per second
  • Integrated temperature measurement and display in a range between -40 °C up to 400 °C
  • Electronically controlled heating chamber
  • Statistical reporting and failure analysis