Scanning Acoustic Microscope

C-SAM Gen6
Acoustic Microscope
Sonoscan Inc.

Non-destructive inspection of electronic components and devices with respect to interconnection failures, delaminations, cracks, voids.

Typical objects:

  • IC with plastic packaging, BGA, COB, CSP, flip chip
  • Ceramic substrates (DCB), power modules with heatsink
  • Wafer and large area adhesive bonds (e.g PCB with heatsink)
  • Scan area: (1 x 1)...(308 x 308 ) mm², max. 16 000 x 16 000 Pixel
  • High Speed Scanner up to 600 mm/s, positioning accuracy ±0,5 µm
  • Dual pulser/receiver for transducer from 5 MHz up to 400 MHz, sampling rate 2 GHz
  • Typical penetration depth frequency and material dependend (0,1...10) mm
  • Lateral and axial resolution frequency and material dependend from 10 µm (gas filled delamination axial from 30 nm) detectable
  • exchangeable transducer with frequencies from 10 MHz up to 230 MHz
  • Coupling medium de-ionised water
  • Investigation modes:
    • C-Scan (puls echo mode)
    • Q-BAM™ (high resolution cross section scan)
    • Thru-Scan™ (transmission mode)
    • STAR™ (combination of C- and Thru-Scan™)
    • VRM™ - Virtual Re-Scanning Mode (complete storage of all echo signals of the specimen volume, reconstruction of failure images of arbitratry levels, acquisition of three dimensional information, delay time analysis for material investigation (delay defferences down to 0,1 ns detectable)
Plastic IC with delamination between leadframe and moulding
Gas inclusions in underfill underneath Flip Chip component
Cracks and delamination after stress test in the interface between power compenent and heat sink